Meow – the cats’ best friend!


Meow believes that your pet is a family member, who also needs to feel freedom and comfort in the

environment he lives in, in order to live a full-fledged life. Goods that Meow presents are for this exact purpose.

The products are produced using high quality materials only. The materials are all recycled and do not pollute

the atmosphere. Meow furniture is made of a carton which is high quality and 100% recycled. It is the reason

why it functions better than any other product designed for a cat’s pleasure and especially for their scratching delight.

Nobody wants their house to become a pet’s scratching place. Due to this, Meow produces unique furniture and

scratching posts. Furthermore, our hand-made toys will make your pet happy anytime he wants.

Meow is making its best efforts to make the highest quality goods for your pet’s needs.

Remember, nothing is better for a cat than to have its own piece of cardboard and funny toy to play with.    


Yours Meow